June 5–9, 2023 • 9AM-12PM

Please use this form to let Kids Ministry know you are interested in serving with VBS.
You will be contacted regarding your interest to serve.

All Youth Leaders must be entering the 7th through 12th grade, be walking in relationship with Jesus (no one's perfect, but we're looking for intentionality and willingness to grow), and have a heart for helping children belong and have a blast as they get to know Jesus. 

Please read and sign the Youth Leader Agreement on this interest form. Both the parent and the youth must e-sign the form for the youth to be considered for service. Please keep the email you receive as your copy of this agreement.  You will be contacted regarding your inquiry to serve. Thank you!

STEP 1: Please complete one interest form per student. 




Emergency Contact


Leave blank if not applicable


*Placement of serving positions are not guaranteed but will be considered.


For privacy and safety, we will not publish names with photographs/videos.
I authorize the use/release of photographs and/or videos that include the INDIVIDUALS NAMED ABOVE for University Carillon and EPIC use, in print and electronic materials (worship videos, e-mail blasts, church website, Facebook, etc.).


Thank you for your interest in servant-leadership for Summer Camps! Our Youth leaders are a tremendous resource and we value their help each year. Below are some guidelines to follow when serving with VBS. Please read these guidelines over and sign the bottom. Your e-signature indicates that you understand your responsibilities.  You will be contacted regarding your inquiry to serve.

By signing this agreement, I'm pledging my support in the following ways:

  1. I agree to model servant-leadership by putting the camp participants first; reminding them they are seen, known and loved, the way Jesus sees, knows and loves them.
  2. I agree to perform the duties at the direction of staff/leadership, with a servant-heart. Sometimes it means doing the jobs that no one else wants to do, and doing them with joy, intentionality and selflessness, just as Jesus knelt to wash dirty feet.
  3. I agree to lead with integrity. This means how I portray myself at University Carillon and away from University Carillon matters. (Drug/alcohol use, inappropriate sexual behavior, bullying of any kind, gossip, stirring up unhealthy drama, and cursing are incompatible with the message of Jesus.)
  4. I agree to encourage the responsible behavior of my peers, who have also agreed to serve.


Submitting this on-line form will be the equivalent of signing a paper registration form.

  • I have read and understand the above information. The information I have given University Carillon is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.
  • My electronic signature signifies my understanding that submitting this online form will be the equivalent of signing a paper registration form.

After submitting your form, WATCH FOR Confirmation Email.

  • One from our web specialist with the responses from your registration.