Like any new habit, Gospel hospitality is something we must regularly practice if we hope grow. Barnabas gives us a model of how we practice Gospel hospitality in the context of mentorship. Our own faith journeys are intersected and shaped by other followers of Jesus. Do you have someone who is pouring into you? Are you pouring into anyone?

Sign up below to connect. This information will help us pair up people. This doesn’t have to be a long-term thing; the goal is simply to practice this kind of interaction together by meeting once for coffee or a meal, and asking one another the following two questions:

  • Describe your faith journey that has led you to today.
  • What is a challenge you are working through in your life? (Personal, vocational, spiritual)

We will follow up with you this upcoming week!


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Work / vocation / vocational interest (to help with pairing)

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